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Taking our Trewin line back another generation

1851 Census record for Thomas and Sarah Trewin, Woolwich, Greenwich, Kent (Record HO107, piece1588, folio215, page 22)

I came upon an 1851 census record that holds key information: the places of birth of Thomas and Sarah Trewin! The record also lists their ages which makes it possible to calculate a year of birth for each. In 1851, they were living at 63 Prospect Row in Woolwich, Co. Kent, England. He was 66 and she was 60. We know that his will was proved in 1857, which means he lived to roughly 72.

Red balloon marks the possible location of Prospect Row in Woolwich, Co. Kent, England

Suspicions that Cornwall was at least one of the birth places was confirmed. Thomas (shipwright, b. 1785) came from a tiny hamlet named Launcells, which is just 3 miles to the east of the coastal town of Bude. Ironically, on a tour that included Cornwall about a decade ago, I visited Bude briefly before heading back up along the coast towards Cardiff. Had I only known then what I know now about the Trewins’ origins!

Sarah (b. 1791) was born in Poole, Dorset. I have seen her surname listed in a christening record for son William as both Larsen and Larcom. Who knows how Thomas and Sarah would have met each other given the considerable distance between Poole and Launcells. Perhaps their families were both involved in ship-building and that caused their paths to cross. Perhaps Sarah’s father worked in Poole in ship-building and Thomas came to Poole looking for work.

Poole, Dorset is on the right. Launcells is a considerable distance away, on the northwest coast of Cornwall just east of Bude. (Map Credit: see below)

Poole, Dorset, on the north side of Poole Harbour (Map Credit: see below)

NW corner of Cornwall; Launcells is just below “STRATTON” (Map Credit: see below)

Well, the best news of all is that I went on Family Search and found Thomas’s christening record; it confirms his birth as 11 July 1785, and provides the names of his parents: William and Alice! That enabled me to find Thomas’ siblings: Hannah, Joshua, William, Elizabeth, and an unnamed male. The latter two children were born in a hamlet called Poughill, which is a mile north of Bude.  So, given that William and Alice were probably born around 1755-1760, we’re now back to the mid-1700s on our Trewin family line! Hooray!

Thomas Trewin Christening record found on Family Search

1851 Census record for Thomas and Sarah’s son Thomas’ family; Sophia Cottages, Wellington Rd, Lambeth (Record HO107, piece1574, folio 563, page10)

1841 Census record for Thomas and Mary Ann (Phillips) Trewin; Thomas was one of Thomas and Sarah Trewin’s three sons.

And, on a side note, I may as well mention here my discovery of an 1851 census record for Thomas and Sarah’s son Thomas’s family. They were living in Lambeth at the time, and listed are my grandfather William (age 5; born in Woolwich) and his two siblings, Thomas (11; born in Woolwich) and Emma (5 months; born in Lambeth). Ten years prior to that Thomas and wife Mary Ann were living in Woolwich; Thomas (the youngest) was just a baby. That’s all for today. See below for an updated Trewin tree showing the first four generations. Now hoping to get back even further!

Distance from Woolwich (A) to Lambeth (B)

1-William Trewin

|–2-Hannah Trewin b. 15 Sep 1779, Launcells, Cornwall, England
|–2-William Trewin b. 4 Jun 1781, Launcells, Cornwall, England
|–2-Joshua Trewin b. 14 Jul 1783, Launcells, Cornwall, England
|–2-Thomas Trewin b. 11 Jul 1785, Launcells, Cornwall, England, d. Bef Nov 1857
| +Sarah Larcom b. 1791, Pool, Dorsetshire, England, d. After 1851
| |–3-William Trewin b. 23 Jan 1812, c. 23 Feb 1812, Wesleyan Church, Middle
| | Street, Gosport, Hampshire, England
| |–3-Thomas J. Trewin b. 12 Aug 1817, Woolwich, Kent, England, c. 7 Sep
| | 1817, Wesleyan Methodist Church, William St, Woolwich, Kent, England,
| | d. 19 Sep 1875, Elizabeth, Union, NJ, bur. 22 Sep 1875, Evergreen
| | Cemetery, Hillside, Union, NJ
| | +Mary Anne Phillips b. 1820, Deptford, Co. Kent, England, d. 30 May
| | 1878, Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey, bur. 2 Jun 1878, Evergreen
| | Cemetery, Hillside, Union, NJ
| | |–4-Thomas John Trewin b. 31 Dec 1839, 9 Powis Street, Woolwich, Co. of
| | | Kent (now Greater London), d. Jul 1913, bur. 31 Jul 1913, Evergreen
| | | Cemetery, Hillside, Union, NJ
| | |–4-William Trewin b. 21 Mar 1847, Hardin Street, Woolwich Dockyard, Co.
| | | Kent (now Greater London), England, d. 4 Dec 1916, Elizabeth General
| | | Hospital, Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ, bur. 7 Dec 1916, Evergreen
| | | Cemetery, Hillside, Union, NJ
| | |–4-Elizabeth Trewin b. 12 Apr 1848, 18 Maxey Rd., Plumstead, Charlton,
| | | Co. of Kent, d. Bef 1857
| | |–4-Emma Trewin b. 4 May 1850, Campbellwell, England, d. 9 Jun 1933,
| | | Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ, bur. 12 Jun 1933, Evergreen Cemetery,
| | | Hillside, NJ
| |–3-Sarah Trewin b. 29 May 1822, c. 23 Jun 1822, Wesleyan Methodist Church,
| | William St, Woolwich, Kent, England
| |–3-John Trewin b. 10 Jun 1824, c. 4 Jul 1824, Wesleyan Methodist Church,
| | William St, Woolwich, Kent, England
| |–3-Mary Ann Trewin b. 23 Nov 1825, c. 9 Apr 1826, Wesleyan Methodist
| | Church, William St, Woolwich, Kent, England
| |–3-John Trewin b. 17 Aug 1827, c. 14 Aug 1831, Wesleyan Methodist Church,
| | William St, Woolwich, Kent, England, d. After 1881
| | +Susannah Barrett Coad b. 1832, Lambeth, Surrey, London, c. 20 Aug 1832,
| | China Terrace Wesleyan Church, Lambeth, Surrey, England
| | |–4-Sarah J. Trewin b. Abt 1854, Poplar, London, England
| | |–4-Thomas Trewin b. Abt 1856, Bromley, London, England
| | |–4-Henry Trewin b. Abt 1858, Plumstead, Kent, England
| | |–4-Jessie Trewin b. Abt 1860, Bromley, London, England
| | |–4-William Trewin b. Abt 1862, Bromley, London, England
| | |–4-Merriam Trewin b. Abt 1865, Poplar, London, England
| | |–4-John Trewin b. Abt 1867, Poplar, London, England
| | |–4-Arthur Trewin b. Bef 1870, Bromley, London, England
| |–3-Joseph Trewin b. 22 Jul 1831, c. 14 Aug 1831, William St, Wesleyan
| | Methodist Church, Woolwich, Kent, England, d. 9 Apr 1833
|–2-Trewin b. 10 Jun 1788, Poughill, Cornwall, England
|–2-Elizabeth Walkey Trewin b. 20 Mar 1791, Poughill, Cornwall, England

MAP CREDIT: David Rumsey Historical Map Collection:
Cary’s New Map of England And Wales, With Part Of Scotland. On Which Are Carefully Laid Down All the Direct and Principal Cross Roads, the Course of the Rivers And Navigable Canals … Delineated from Actual Surveys: and materially assisted From Authentic Documents Liberally supplied by the Right Honourable the Post Masters General. London: Published Jun 11th 1794 by J. Cary, Engraver & Map-seller, No. 181 Strand. TMC 43, pp40-47.

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