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More ‘skeletons’ in Jaques’ family closet?

Last month, in a post dated April 19, I was opining on the wealthy Elizabethtown, NJ, tailor Isaac Jaques (my 3rd great grandfather) and wondering why I had never known that he and his wife Wealthy Ann Cushman had had children other than my 2nd great grandmother Wealthy Ann Jaques (married James W. Angus). It seems bizarre because my Dad was really big on family genealogy so the fact that he never knew about this kind of mystifies me. I know in the overall scheme of things, this stuff is not all that important, but I know my Dad would have been really amazed to find all this out. In any case, the newly updated tree (updated after nearly 100 years, ha ha) as it “stood” last month looked like this:

1-Isaac Jaques b. 8 Aug 1791, Woodbridge Neck, NJ, d. 24 Aug 1880,
Elizabethtown, NJ
+Wealthy Ann Cushman b. possibly 1796, Hartford, CT, d. 13 Apr 1856,
Elizabeth, Union Co, NJ
|—-2-Wealthy Ann Jaques b. 15 Dec 1815, New York City, New York. NY, d. 7 Mar
| 1892, At Home, 25 Reid Street, Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ
|—-2-Walter Jaques b. Cir 1826, New York City, New York USA; d. probably before 1860 (see update in past post)
|—-2-Christopher P. Jaques b. Cir 1832, New York City, New York USA
|—-2-Dr. Charles P. Jaques b. Cir 1834, New York City, New York USA, d. 2 Nov
| 1866, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY
+Rebecca Robinson b. Cir 1811, CT, d. After 24 Aug 1880

Needless to say all those new developments left me feeling a tad suspicious (where there’s smoke, there’s fire, as the saying goes). I figured even more children may have existed given the age gaps between the four known children. Was Wealthy really the only child until Walter appeared 11 years later in 1826? Was there no child born after that until Christopher appeared six years later in 1832? I’ve discovered the answer to at least one of those questions is “No.”

But, before I continue, I just want to mention that I went back to try to figure out why I was so positive Wealthy (b. 1815) was an only child. The answer came when I looked Wealthy up in the voluminous Jaques Family Genealogy (edited by Roger Jaques and Patricia Jaques for the Jaques Family Association, published 1995). There on page 457, concerning Wealthy Ann Jaques, I read: …only child of Isaac and Wealthy A. (Cushman) Jaques… I actually read that several times to make sure I was not hallucinating!

The clues that there were other children have come from different places. I now know of 2, possibly 3 other children, and there may well be more.

The first is a daughter named Jane F. Jaques. I came across her on Genealogy Bank website in a marriage announcement that appeared in the Newark Daily Advertiser on Friday, January 6, 1837: In Elizabethtown… Mr. John D. L. Fletcher Birch, of Brooklyn, to Miss Jane F., daughter of Mr. Isaac Jaques of Elizabethtown… Then, on the Family Search website, I found a marriage record for her from 27 Dec 1836. The groom was J. D. La Fletcher Birch. I later found his name in some foreclosure notices where his name was listed as John W. De La Fletcher Birch.

Second Presbyterian Church, where the Isaac Jaques family was known to attend

Second Presbyterian Church, where the Isaac Jaques family was known to attend

Jane’s wedding took place three years before Wealthy Ann Jaques married, so my guess is that Jane was around Wealthy’s age, possibly a bit older. So far I have not been able to find a birth certificate so I have yet to prove this is our Isaac Jaques’ daughter, but the fact that the wedding took place in the 2nd Presbyterian Church (Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ) where the Jaques family were known to attend, and an “Isaac Jacques of this town” is shown as the father all looks a bit too coincidental. (Another “tie-in” could be the fact that Isaac had a sister named Jane F. Jaques, p. 434 of Jaques Family Genealogy, mentioned above. That Jane was married to John B. Quinn.) However, I know one must not assume anything, so I will keep searching for a more solid link. If anyone reading this has evidence pointing in either direction, please let me know.

The marriage record

The marriage record

Angus family home in Elizabeth, NJ, from 1848-1871

Angus family home in Elizabeth, NJ, from 1848-1871

The next child I discovered was a son named Isaac Jaques. I have not yet found a birth certificate for him either, but his existence as a bona fide member of the Isaac Jaques (Sr.) family is mentioned fleetingly in genealogy papers published in 1969 by Harriet Stryker-Rodda: One Line of Descent of James Angus (1751-1806) (see page 11). In short, Wealthy Jaques Angus lived with her husband James at 927 Elizabeth Avenue in Elizabeth, NJ. (It was a grand home originally built by Moses Ogden in 1754.) The Anguses had purchased the home in 1848. James died in 1862, and Wealthy continued to live there …until Mrs. Angus sold it to her brother, Isaac Jaques, on 24 January 1871. I’ve tried finding out more about this Isaac, but so far “no luck”.

On a closing note, I’ve discovered one other child, so stay tuned. More to come!

[UPDATE 7/23/13: There have been many updates to this post. See posts:

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