Anniversaries and things

number4This blog is four years old today.  I want to thank everyone who is a ‘follower’, and all who have offered support and feedback over the years. I hope to keep it going for at least a while longer. There are more stories to tell (just need to find more time to tell them!). And, my offer stands—if you are a descendant of a family covered in this blog, you are welcome to submit material for a guest post about one of your ancestors.

I don’t write with ‘stats’ in mind, but to close, I will leave you with some blog ‘stats’ for the last four years. It’s kind of interesting to see where all the visitors come from and what topics interest them. For some reason, the Thanksgiving murder/suicide post has been getting lots of visitors lately. I’m not sure why that is. I did update it not too long ago with some newspaper images from the Philadelphia Inquirer that were not freely available for reuse at the time I published it. If you are interested in that branch of the Brodhead family, you may want to revisit it.

I was also surprised to see that the post I did about my father’s uncle Lewis Dingman Brodhead is the ‘most shared’. I’m still at a dead-end with knowing what happened to Lewis’s wife Mildred. I wrote the Schuylkill Co. (PA) Historical Society, and they could not find anything either. The next step is to go to the court house there to investigate divorce records. A trip north is not in the cards for me at the moment, however.

In any case, it’s satisfying to see that this blog is obviously being of benefit to cousins, near and far, known and as yet unknown.


TOTAL VIEWS: 38,315 and counting


BEST-EVER TOTAL VIEWS: May 6, 2012: 391 (Mostly G.S.V. Wills-related posts)


Another Brodhead elopes, this time in 1911 at NYC’s ‘Little Church Around the Corner’
Wealthy Angus’s Trendy Autographed Fan
19th-century Carbon County, PA — Lindermans, Packers, & Brodheads
Merry Christmas in vintage cards
In memory of WWII US Army Captain Henry D. Wirsig
Striking gold: Gleanings from the Samuel Barron Jaques family Bible
The Brodhead-Linderman Cemetery: Descendants work on clean up and restoration
1870s fashions from Godey’s magazine
1898 Shipwreck: Brodhead sister-in-law & husband lost
Murder or suicide? Thanksgiving Day 1904 tragedy at Robert Sayre Brodhead home
Henry Conrad Brodhead & Eva Wilder McGlasson: late 19th- / early 20th-century “power couple”
Monsieur Alphonse P. M. de la Flechelle (cir. 1792 – 14 October 1847)
Daniel Brodhead Jr.’s daughter, Ellen
Northamptonshire Slaymakers
Mary Rebecca Brodhead Pike (1815-1922) — New Hampshire DAR member — achieved age 106
Was Maria Lesher Daniel Brodhead Jr.’s First Wife?
Brodhead family descendants repair Cornelia D. Brodhead headstone
Job W. Angus (1856-1936) — Sept. 9, 1877, letter from Dripping Springs, Texas
New Year’s Eve 1895: An Unbroken Family Celebrates a 50th Wedding Anniversary
Cupid’s Arrow —> William H. Brodhead


Title Views
Home page / Archives 18,660
Murder or suicide? Thanksgiving Day 1904 tragedy at Robert Sayre Brodhead home 339
A favorite recipe: Tvorozhniki (a.k.a. cheese pancakes) 294
Early 1900’s camping and hiking for women: the “dos & donts” 280
Brick Walls 275
Andrew Jackson Brodhead Family 271
Edward Boles family photos, late 1800s, early 1900s 252
Typhoid Fever Claimed Frank T. Ludey 247
George Wills Family Tree 230
Happy Easter — Poppy-Seed Nut Roll (Potica) Recipe 226
Dan Crawford, Scottish Missionary to Belgian Congo 164
Francis Woodruff Family 156
The curious case of Daniel Brodhead Jr. (1756 – 2 Feb 1831) 138
Old Woodruff Family Homestead: Witness to American History 128
George Wills Descendants in America — An Update 117
Trewin and Truin, Thomas and Thos 113
Brodhead family descendants repair Cornelia D. Brodhead headstone 112
Daniel Brodhead Jr.: A Timeline of Life Events 111
Pvt. Uzal Trowbridge 109
Mary Martha Angus Knowles (1846-1922) 106
Rev. Samuel Sargent 105

110+ COUNTRIES (since February 25, 2012) – Here showing countries with 2 or more visitors

Country Views
United States 27,435
United Kingdom 3,302
Canada 897
Australia 726
France 330
Ireland 249
New Zealand 248
Germany 153
Netherlands 151
Belgium 147
Finland 104
India 103
Russia 94
Indonesia 70
Spain 58
Brazil 55
Denmark 47
Italy 40
Portugal 38
South Africa 38
Philippines 37
Japan 30
Switzerland 30
Greece 28
Colombia 28
Uruguay 25
Israel 23
South Korea 23
Argentina 22
Mexico 22
Czech Republic 21
Ukraine 20
Poland 20
Hungary 20
Pakistan 18
Slovakia 17
Taiwan 15
Sweden 15
Hong Kong SAR China 14
Turkey 14
Nicaragua 13
Luxembourg 13
Albania 12
European Union 12
Lebanon 11
Austria 11
Norway 11
Bangladesh 10
Serbia 10
Thailand 10
Jamaica 9
Romania 9
United Arab Emirates 8
Singapore 7
Qatar 6
Venezuela 6
Bulgaria 6
Malaysia 6
Puerto Rico 5
Chile 5
Guam 5
Kazakhstan 5
Croatia 5
Azerbaijan 4
Sri Lanka 4
Saudi Arabia 4
Peru 4
Jersey 4
Dominican Republic 3
Algeria 3
Egypt 3
Lithuania 3
Vietnam 3
Zimbabwe 2
Iraq 2
Ecuador 2
Barbados 2
Trinidad & Tobago 2
Kenya 2
Malta 2
Oman 2
Nepal 2
China 2
Cambodia 2
Latvia 2
U.S. Virgin Islands 2
Iceland 2
Bahamas 2
Macau SAR China 2
Nigeria 2
Georgia 2
Armenia 2
Syria 2
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9 thoughts on “Anniversaries and things

  1. Congratulations! In blog years, you are almost your own ancestor. 🙂 –Curt


    • That’s too funny. I appreciate your humor and support! I think I recall you mentioned being in Sebring recently. That’s not too far from here. What’s there? We are looking for a place for a weekend escape that is away from the coasts where it is still $$$ tourist season. I heard there is a lovely state park in Sebring and that there is some history to the town.


      • I was visiting a 5th cousin who has done extensive research on our family. But I don’t know enough about the town to provide any helpful suggestions. Sorry. –Curt

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Barbara Brodhead

    Hi Gail,
    For some reason I wasn’t able to read all of your post on your little doggy. It is hard to let those precious family pets go, but you were blessed with an amazing 19 years- that’s incredible! My heart goes out to you for your loss.
    I did enjoy very much your Anniversary post- very cool stats! Thank you for all of your hard work and effort in putting together a wonderful blog! It has been very much enjoyed.
    And speaking of Anniversaries- James and I will be celebrating our 34th Wedding Anniversary on the 18th, as just a little side note. 🙂
    Take care, and thank you again!

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Hi, Barbara; I decided to switch poochie to his own post on a different day so as not to mix too much together. He is still with us! Glad you enjoyed the stats—thank YOU for all your contributions to making this blog more of a collaborative affair! Have a fabulous anniversary! 34 years! Wow! — Good for you!


  3. Happy Blogiversary!!


  4. Congrats!


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