Brick Walls

Rather than “Brick Walls”, this should be the “HELP ME!” tab. If anyone has any info on the below, please let me know. NOTE: The Comments section contains ‘Brick Walls’ shared by others. Don’t forget to read them—perhaps you’ll be able to help these folks.

  • Irene Bell – wife of David Wait of Perth Amboy, NJ. See post.
  • Christian Abel – wife of Daniel Brodhead Jr. (1756-1831) – nothing seems to be known about this woman. It is very strange. From the Tickler satirical piece, it sounds like she (or perhaps a previous wife of Dan’l Jr.’s) was from Virginia.
  • Ellen B. Budd
  • Looking for proof that Francis Louis Angus (b. 1895 Massachusetts) was indeed the son of James Angus (b. 1871) and Winifred Harris (b. 1872), married on 16 Jan 1897 in Elizabeth NJ. If not a son, then what was the relationship??? See Maureen Angus Somes’ comment below.
  • Brodhead-Schoonhoven Conundrum – see post on this.
  • Maria Lischer – Was she Daniel Brodhead Jr.’s 1st wife? – see post.
  • Final resting place of Juebb (Jacob) Lewis — husband of Margaret Wait Lewis; father of Sarah Augusta Lewis who married Moses Martin
  • Sargent / Wills – the month & year of death and final resting places for William Sargent and his second wife Mary Bowley Pitt. His surname was Slaymaker until he changed it to Sargent when moving to the US after the Civil War. Presumed in or around Hudson County, New Jersey—likely in what is known today as Bayview-New York Bay Cemetery. Last traces of him are found in 1880 Census:

Posts to be followed up on as of July 5, 2016 (just so you know I have not forgotten!):



22 thoughts on “Brick Walls

  1. Thank you again I was also interested in The Alfred C Angus “Book 0f Evidence” in Elizabeth Historical Library, which is the collection of Angus Family. unfortunately, I seen not to be able to have it transferred to Library on Staten Island NY . Also found a resort where it seems the Angus Clan must have enjoyed , Eddy Farms, Sparrow NY in 1918.
    Still looking for my Grandfather Francis Louis Angus born 1895 Massachusetts, to James Angus born 1871, to Winifred Harris born 1872, married Jan 16th 1897 Elizabeth NJ .
    So I have so far, James W Angus born NJ, 6/1871,-died 1937, son of James W Angus JR and Ann Carpenter? Wife Winifred Harris born 3/28/1872 Wick Ireland, May have died in the Bronx NY 1929,
    3 boys, James Angus 3rd,8/20/1898 NJ, and Louis H Angus born Boston 1900 (1899) have two dates for him, Francis Louis Angus Born 1895 < that would be before marriage?? James was in the Navy, as well I do believe his Son James born 1897, Now I found out Francis Louis was in a war before ww2 !! It is written on 1940 census as an addendum since he left his wife and 4 children, My grandmother must have applied for assistants and since my Uncle Robert James Angus (who has passed on) was born after the 1930 census June 30 1930 they have Information as father served in war (which war I do not know) but it is a starting point!! Louis H Angus was in ww2 any information would be appreciated and thank you for you site!!


    • Hi, Maureen; Thanks for your comment. I have added ‘Francis Louis Angus’ to the brick wall page and made reference to your comments. If you live in Staten Island, can you travel in to Elizabeth? It’s fairly close, isn’t it?


  2. I am curious, Have you ever heard of Van Voorhees?? and possible cousin or close friend of Job Angus.


  3. Hello. First of all, thanks so much for your altruistic work restoring the Brodhead-Linderman-Cortright cemetery, as well as for all your genealogical efforts.

    I fully understand your labors of love, having been obsessed with genealogy for several years (finally following in my mother’s footsteps) and having wandered through my fair share of cemeteries (as my mother had done before me, countless times).

    In June, I visited the Dingmans Ferry (Pa.) area and its Delaware Cemetery and with some careful TLC was able to proudly clean up the gravesites of my 3rd great-grandparents, Gilbert Steel Sr. (1780-1842) and Hannah (Decker) Steel (1780-1861). It does bring a great deal of pride and satisfaction.

    Recently, I stumbled upon your website while trying to discover more about Gilbert’s father, Henry Steel (1755*-1821*). While I know a good deal about Henry Steel’s life, his parents and their origins have unfortunately remained a complete mystery, a “Brick Wall” in my family tree.

    The consensus on and elsewhere (for better or worse) is that Henry Steel was born 9 June 1755 in either Delaware Township or in nearby Bushkill, but I have never been able to find any record to verify that. But that date must have come from somewhere … a family Bible, a record which has since been lost, who knows?

    Henry Steel married Ellener (Ellanora, Eleanor) Van Gorden (Van Garden) (1758-1821*) with the consensus being that they wed on 27 Nov 1775, possibly at the Dutch Reformed Church across the river in Walpack, New Jersey, or possibly in Upper Mount Bethel, a number of miles to the south. Likewise, where that marriage date comes from is also a mystery. I have never found it.

    Like the vast number of Van Gordens who lived in that area, her family had long roots in the Dutch Reformed Church, back to Walpack, Port Jervis and Kingston, NY, and back to the early 1600s in the Netherlands. Henry Steel may have also been Dutch, but I really don’t know — he may have also been German, Scottish or English???

    He seems to have lived his entire life in Delaware Township and I believe he was at least at one time or the other neighbors with Moses Van Gorden (1752-1838), Alexander Van Gorden Sr. (1728-?) and Alexander Van Gorden Jr. (1752-1820), with whom he was obviously related through his wife. Also, Henry Steel fought alongside both Moses and Alexander Jr. in the Northampton (County) Militia under Capt. Johannes Van Etten from I believe 1778-1783.

    For at least part of his life, I believe he lived relatively near to the Brodhead-Linderman Cemetery — and might even possibly be buried there? He died about 1821, although his death record has also never been located. There are also numerous ties to the Cortright/Kortright family on his wife’s side … not to mention Deckers, Westbrooks, Hornbecks, Rosenkrans, etc., etc.

    But the key to this branch of my family tree seems to be that missing birth record for Henry Steel, along with the marriage record for he and Ellener Van Gorden. I’ve searched far and wide for those records, but have been unsuccessful, so the search for those missing needles in the haystack goes on.

    I have a great deal of info on my family tree for many of the early pioneers of the Dingmans Ferry/Delaware Township area, which I would be happy to share — but am still desperately searching for those missing links.

    Any thoughts, hints or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    And, thanks again for all you do!

    Mostyn Thayer
    mostynthayer @ hotmail dot com


    • Many thanks for your message, Mostyn. The altruistic cemetery work is being done by some of my 2nd cousins; it’s very good of them to undertake that especially since Mother Nature has a way of quickly undoing all that trimming! The headstone repair is especially impressive. As for your Henry Steel conundrum, I will leave your message here in its entirety so that it may be found by others interested in this dilemma. Have you tried the DAR? He is ancestor #A108191 in their database. Search form: The associated applications say supporting documentation is available. Have you tried purchasing any of those records? If I think of any other suggestions, I will be sure to let you know!


  4. I have definitely hit a “brick wall”. I have so much information on many of the Linderman/Brodhead families, but I found virtually no information on my grandfather Joseph Linderman Herbert. He was the son of George Goran Herbert and Clara Alberta Linderman (1866-1899). Clara was the daughter of Dr. Henry R Linderman (1825-1879) and Emily Davis. Henry was the son of Dr. John J. Linderman (1790-1872) and Rachael Brodhead Linderman (1803-1864).
    I know Joseph Linderman Herbert was born in 1898, was married to Zillah Eisenberg (three children Joseph Jr., Robert and Flora) then to Julia Martinelli and was a signalman for the Pennsylvania Railroad. I would like to find out when and where he died because he seems to have disappeared.
    If anyone has any information, I would truly appreciate it.


    • It’s odd that someone so recent in history could disappear without a trace like that. I hope you find some answers.


      • I can’t find a place to leave you a message…
        Jule De Ryther was in fact married to John De Ryther.
        He died in 1884.
        When they married, I know not.
        Also, it appears her name may have been Julie.
        But, I did find this information using FultonHistory.


      • Thank you very much for this information, William. I will be sure to insert an update into the initial post I wrote about her. I greatly appreciate your input.

        Best regards,


      • Bill Simpson

        I went off looking for the information…

        Because of the comment in your post…

        I took it as a personal challenge!

        I also learned…

        Her father died in NYC in 1885.

        His address at the time was 245 W. 131st.

        Her mother died in NYC 1897.

        Her address at the time, 251 w. 100th Street

        They had five kids, 4 girls, and one boy.



      • Great! What made you want to look up Jule in the first place? As I recall, I tracked down her siblings and mentioned them in the blog. I also connected them all on Find a Grave a while back, and linked them with the parents. Don’t think I had the addresses at the time of death, however. Thank you!


      • Bill Simpson

        I’m originally from Jule’s hometown, Little Falls, NY.

        I spend a major portion of my day looking for ‘old stuff’ about that place.

        It amazes me how much is forgotten.

        I don’t believe the history people there are aware of Jule.

        I’ve found several significant persons that totally under their radar.

        JULE… would be one.



      • That’s great. I bet your efforts are greatly appreciated; Jule was a great talent. If you dig up anything else about her that you think may interest readers here, let me know and I will add it in (and credit you, of course). If I see Little Falls mentioned in anything I come across, I’ll let you know.


      • Bill Simpson

        Have you found a picture of JULE ?



      • Not yet, but i am sure there is one out there somewhere!


      • Bill Simpson

        Here is the situation.
        I’ve found a mess o’ links to Jule pieces about 1897.
        And, I’ve found an image of her.
        I’d rather not send this through wordpress, but rather directly.
        My email is
        I hereby promise to do nothing nefarious with your email address.


      • I just sent you an email.


  5. Hi! It has been awhile since we connected. I really enjoy your blog. Thought I should check Edith Trewin’s papers to see if William Clarence was mentioned. You never know. I remember her mentioning “Uncle Will”. Will let you know what I find. I also have a picture of your Grandmother and my Grandfather and I think Al or Elmer riding in old old automobile. I’ll email that to you. Best regards, Connie


  6. Suzanne Spain

    I have found your site in searching for info about Bushkill and the Van Campens. My grandfather, Max Schleider, bought property from Welles in the early 1940s overlooking the Delaware River from the PA side. We went there in the summer until the property was “seized.” I remember summrers there fondly. I often went to the van Campens’ to play and to have one–or more–of Lulu’s gingersnaps. I’d like to drive up to the area this summer from my home in Rosemont, PA, to see if I can find the area. Can you help me? Do you know if the area is accessible?

    Thank you for any information you can provide.


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