1882 Elizabeth, NJ, map showing Isaac Jaques Estate now on eBay

Isaac Jaques (1791-1880) Courtesy of San Benito County Historical Society

An 1882 map of the Isaac Jaques Estate in Elizabeth, New Jersey, is now available on eBay.  You can buy it now for $100. (Click here.)

I’m sure Rebecca Place was named after his second wife Rebecca Ann Gold Robinson (1804-1886). Of Isaac’s nine children, only two outlived him. One was my 2nd-great-grandmother Wealthy Ann Angus (1815-1892) and the other was John Barron Jaques (1822-1895), the black sheep in the family, unfortunately. I suspect Rebecca and Wealthy were the primary beneficiaries.

I took some screenshots for my files.

Just wanted to pass this tip along in case any Jaques-Angus descendants out there would be interested in buying it or taking their own screenshots.

Have a good day.

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Rev. Harry Baremore Angus (1883-1919)

Harry B. Angus, Rutgers College Class of 1905

I just came across the service of ordination bulletin from June 16, 1909, for  the late Rev. Harry Baremore Angus (1883-1919). Once again, I must thank my grandmother for being one to never toss anything out and my parents for holding onto it all these years.

I’d forgotten that Harry, son of Job Winans Angus (1856-1936) and Jeannette Tillou (1860-1932), died of the Spanish influenza—on April 30, 1919. Certainly that period in history is much more relatable now that we are in the midst of our own pandemic. Fortunately we are blessed with many more scientific advancements, although that is of little comfort to those who’ve lost a loved one. My sympathies to any of you who have found yourself impacted on a very personal level through the loss of a friend or family member.

Harry was in his mid-thirties and had been married to Miss Grace M. Kendall for less than four years. At the time of his death, his children were just 4 months old (Samuel Kendall Angus, later killed in Italy during WWII) and 2 years 9 months old (Elizabeth Dorothea Angus). Harry was buried in Evergreen Cemetery in the Angus plot. Grace survived to age 100.

A small bio of Harry appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer on October 11, 1916, prior to his installation as pastor of McDowell Presbyterian Church in that city. Philadelphia. So much left undone at the end of the day. So much talent lost. But he’s not forgotten. Hopefully someday someone closely related to Harry will find this bulletin if perchance they don’t already have one in their family history files.

Philadelphia Inquirer, 11 October 1916 – Credit: Fulton History dot com

McDowell Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia; public domain image on Wikipedia

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Photo of some Angus children circa 1870 – need help with identifications

Here is another photo that I could use some help with. I have tentatively labelled these young fellows based on some resemblance I see with images I’ve come upon of Charles (1852-1938) and Job (1856-1936) as old men. I have never seen a photo of Walter (1861-1945) so I am just guessing there. These were the three youngest sons of James and Wealthy Angus. I think this would have been around 1870. Anyone with some thoughts on who’s who, please chime in. Thank you!

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112-year-old Brodhead family guestbook — post VII

Moving further into October, I see Walter Prince Angus (1861-1945) and his wife Edith B. Marshall (1866-1917) came to visit my grandparents on October 1, 1908. This was my grandmother’s Uncle Walter on her mother’s side of the family. He was the youngest child of James and Wealthy Angus and the youngest brother of my grandmother’s mom Wealthy Ann Angus Woodruff. Visiting with them was their daughter Hazel D. Angus (cir. 1887 – after 1920). They also had a son named Edgar (1888-1919) who died at 29 of “gas asphyxiation”. I don’t know the circumstances, unfortunately, but a couple of old Asbury Park newspaper articles I found indicated that he suffered from mental health issues and had been a patient at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in Morris Plains, NJ, at one point.

Regarding Walter, I know that he started off as a machinist and at one time worked in that capacity at the Singer Sewing Machine plant in Elizabeth Port.  In 1920, he was working as a superintendent for an oil company.  He died on January 12, 1945, of “broncho-pneumonia,” according to the records of the First Presbyterian Church of Elizabeth.

Joseph Cheever Fuller (6) and Ruth Randall Brodhead Fuller (24) at the 50th wedding anniversary celebration for her parents Garret Brodhead and Annie Kocher. September 17, 1922. (Image credit: Michelle Causton)

On October 3rd, Ruth Randall Brodhead came to visit. This was one of the daughters of Garret Brodhead and Annie Kocher and the sister of Calvin E. Brodhead and Laura L. Brodhead who had visited my grandparents on September 20 and 25, respectively. Born in 1884, Ruth married Joseph Cheever Fuller, an MIT graduate (1911), around 1914. She and my grandfather were first cousins, their shared grandparents having been Andrew Jackson Brodhead and Ophelia Easton Brodhead. Ruth and Joseph appear in the photo inset, taken from the big 1922 50th wedding anniversary gathering for her parents. See this past post.

A great article about Joseph Fuller’s 1910 cross-country automobile adventure appeared in MIT’s Technology Review on February 20, 2013. Click here to be taken to that page.

As for the other names, they are not familiar to me: Elizabeth S. Halsey, Mrs. Charles Hamilton, Charles M. Hamilton. If I come across any info on them, I will post it here.

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Tintype of Angus children: Need help with IDs

I have this very old, Civil War-era tintype of some of the Angus children and could really use help with the identifications.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think I have three of them identified: my great-grandmother Wealthy Ann Angus (b. 1850) and her younger sisters Cecelia Bensley Angus (b. 1855) and Lavinia Pratt Angus (b. 1859).  I’m at a loss, however, when it comes to the rest.

There was one other daughter, the oldest of the four—Mary Martha Winans Angus (b. 1846). Is that her in the rear on the left? I know Walter (b. 1861) is not pictured since he was younger than Lavinia, and she appears to be the youngest one here. Likewise, I have seen a photo of Isaac, the oldest child (b. 1840), and one of James W. Angus, Jr., the second oldest (b. 1841), and they are not here either. I have a newspaper photo of Job Winans Angus Jr. (b. 1856; married 1883) as an old man, and don’t see enough of a resemblance with this young man. Same for brother Charles Dujah Angus (b. 1852; married circa 1880), whose photo I have seen on Ancestry.

I am wondering if the young man seated is not George Welsh Angus (b. 1849) and behind him his bride (or bride-to-be) Sophie C. Willey? They were married on May 15, 1870, when he was 21, and she was 22. The way Wealthy and Lavinia are seated towards him, he appears to be the focal point.

And, who is the girl in the middle?

PLEASE feel free to weigh in either in the comments below or via email (for the address, please refer to the “About” page)! Thank you.

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1869 Elizabeth, NJ, map showing JW Angus Estate now on eBay

An 1869 map is now on auction on eBay, or you can buy it now for $65. (Click here.) It shows the streets that eventually appeared on land owned by my second-great-grandfather James Winans Angus, who died in his fifties and left his wife Wealthy Ann with many mouths to feed. I recently posted a map that is in my family. This map on eBay is more extensive. I just took screenshots of the photos the seller has provided. If you look carefully in the upper left corner, you will see all the parcels still held by Wealthy. This is seven years after her husband’s death.

Just wanted to pass this tip along in case any Angus descendants out there would be interested. Have a good and safe day!


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Memories of a Madame de Ryther recipe lead to a fun eBay discovery

John George Brown (American, 1831-1913) Claiming the Shot – After the Hunt in the Adirondacks

A long time ago, I did a post about 19th-century food writer Madame Jules de Ryther‘s recommendations on how to prepare “roast saddle of venison” from deer killed during hunting expeditions in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Perhaps you remember that post.

Well, I was scrolling through some antique postcards on eBay last week, and one in particular caught my eye–it was of two men in a canoe arriving at the side of a lake with at least a couple of dead deer in their vessel. The title was: “Adirondack Mountains. Bringing in the spoils.”

That Madame de Ryther post came to mind, so I paused to take a closer look at the scene. On the front right side was a small note written by the sender, someone named Ripley Watson: “Am up at Lake George, having a fine time. Remember me to your brothers, please. Ripley Watson.”

Adirondack Mountains. Bringing in the spoils

Then I turned the postcard over and was absolutely shocked to discover that the recipient was someone I knew from my family history research and had actually met over a half century ago when visiting my late grandmother in Plainfield, NJ. I was only a few years old at the time and don’t remember the visit, but I do have a photo to prove that I was there!

How amazing! I am still pinching myself. Life is full of strange little surprises. I felt compelled to buy the postcard, and it arrived the day before yesterday from Pennsylvania.

Postcard addressed to Miss Cecelia Russum, postmarked 10 July 1906

Miss Cecelia Bell Russum (1090 East Jersey Street, Elizabeth, NJ) was the postcard recipient, and she would have been 18 at the time. Some of you may know who Cecelia was. For those who do not: she was the only daughter of Cecelia Bensley Angus (1855-1933) and Thomas Bayley Russum (cir. 1850-1938) of Elizabeth, New Jersey, who also had four sons (Thomas; Charles, who died before Cecelia was born; Frank; and William).

Cecelia Bensley Angus was a daughter of James Angus & Wealthy Ann Jaques and one of my great-grandmother Wealthy Angus Woodruff’s younger sisters.

These two Angus sisters were five years apart, but each gave birth to a daughter in 1888: Cecelia Bell Russum was born in June, and Wealthy’s daughter Bertha Woodruff in October. They all appear in the below group photo taken, I believe, in 1892 on the occasion of the funeral gathering for Wealthy Ann (Jaques) Angus. (Note: I have posted this group photo before. I think I have the Russum kids shown incorrectly apart from William and Cecelia, but plan to fix that label soon.)

William and Wealthy Woodruff with extended family, Elizabeth, NJ, circa 1893 (Photo from my family’s personal archives)

I took a quick look to see who Ripley Watson may have been. Cecelia’s brothers all went to Rutgers College (classes of 1895, 1902, and 1910), and I found a Ripley Watson who was in the class of 1908. A few tidbits I found about him indicated that he was gifted academically and played varsity football (6′ tall, 186 pounds). Published almost a decade after his graduation, The Catalogue of the Officers and Alumni of Rutgers College… 1766 to 1916, published by Rutgers, gives the following information about Ripley: Born at Jersey City, NJ, Mch. 15, 1886. Lawyer. L.L.B. (N.K. Law School,1910). A.M. (Rutgers, 1911).

So here was Ripley in July of 1906 sending Cecelia a postcard from the Adirondacks. Perhaps, he had romantic intentions? If he did, nothing came of it. Cecelia remained single, living at home with her parents, into her early forties, when she met and married the much older Reverend George Rutger Brauer (b. 1871) in 1931. Unfortunately the marriage was short lived as George died in 1935 of a cerebral hemorrhage. His Find a Grave memorial has some photos of him as well as a long obituary that appeared in the New York Times. Click here if you are interested in seeing that memorial page (and here if you want to see the page for his first wife Eugenia Lathrop Brauer, who died in 1929).

Back to Cecelia. She died in Los Angeles in 1981 at the age of 93, outliving her cousin Bertha by almost a decade. Remarkably, we have the photo showing the two as young children and another showing them some seven decades later, sitting on the front porch at my grandmother’s house—with me and my sister the young children this time around. The ladies had remained good friends. I don’t know what happened to Cecelia after this or why she moved to California. But, how amazing is it that 114 years after that postcard was sent to Cecelia, it’s ended up here with me!

Circa 1964: Bertha Woodruff (left) and Cecelia Russum Brauer (right) with two little mischief-makers in between

Cecelia Bell Russum and her cousin Bertha Winans Woodruff back in their mischief-making days

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1869 – James W. Angus Estate Map – Elizabeth, New Jersey

The Knowles house at 924 Elizabeth Ave

Below is a map showing the estate of my second-great-grandfather James W. Angus, who died in December 1862 at the age of 52, leaving behind his wife Wealthy and 10 children, aged 11 months to 22 years. The map was drafted in 1869 as Wealthy sold off bits and pieces of the land to help make ends meet.

If you enlarge the map, you will see that daughter Mary Martha Angus and her husband Austin F. Knowles had two lots/homes on Elizabeth Avenue (924 is pictured on the left); daughter Lavinia Angus Marthaler had four; daughter Wealthy Angus Woodruff had one; and son Walter P. Angus had one.

I’m not sure who the Woodruff was at 928. Could have been Wealthy Angus Woodruff, I suppose. The other names I don’t recognize.

Angus family home

Written in red ink, the names must have been added later since Lavinia, the youngest daughter, did not marry until 1879, and her married name is included here.

The Angus family home from 1848-1871 was at 927 Elizabeth Avenue, across the street from the Knowles’ property.

Estate of James W. Angus, 1869

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Obit for Mary Martha Angus Knowles (1846-1922)

Elizabeth Daily Journal – January 17, 1922

I noticed a lot of Facebook attention being paid on Tuesday to a post I did a while back about the Knowles house in Elizabeth, NJ. This was where Mary Martha Angus Knowles and her husband Austin Fellows Knowles raised their children and spent their married life.

I took another look at that post and the other I had written about Mary and her 50th wedding anniversary and noticed I had never gone looking for the obit for Mary that had appeared in the Elizabeth Daily Journal on 17 January 1922.

So I took a look around for it, and voilà, here it is, courtesy of Elizabeth Public Library digital archives.

Not much new information here (apart from cause of death), but I’m posting this anyway in the event it helps someone with their research.

The Knowles family home at 924 Elizabeth Avenue in Elizabeth, NJ – photo from my family’s private archives

Have a good day!

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Pvt. Samuel Kendall Angus (KIA WWII, 1944) – update

Private Samuel K. Angus, who was killed in action in Italy in 1944, was buried in the Florence American Cemetery. I was just notified that a volunteer has photographed his grave. To view the marker, click here.

I have also become aware of a National Presbyterian Church marker in Washington DC that includes his name. To go to that web page, which contains an image of the marker, click here.

For my original post, click here.

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