If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten,
either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.
—Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanac, 1738

Welcome to Chips Off the Old Block, a blog for family members–known and as yet unknown–who might at some point in their lives find the information herein of value. This blog is also a way to permanently preserve precious family information that could easily get lost, destroyed, or forgotten.

If anyone reading this blog finds information relevant for their research or feels that we are in some way related, please feel free to get in touch via chipsoff at gmail dot com. It’s always interesting to make these acquaintances, compare notes, etc. Likewise, if anyone has anything to contribute or correct, please contact me. Accuracy is of paramount importance. I’d like to do as much honor as I can to the lives of those who came before us.  If we don’t remember them, who will?

So, I look forward to sharing information on some of the “chips” off the old block that is my/our family tree with one or two posts per week. I may also digress and include offshoots of relevant information I discover along the way. (Occasionally, I will toss in odds and ends that are just for fun.)

Names of interest include: Easton, Trowbridge, Woodruff, Martin, Lewis, Wait, Ludey, Brodhead, Angus, Winans, Jaques, Trewin, Wills, Phillips, Slaymaker, Sargent, Boles, Earle, Ogden, Hand, Bell, Neumann, Tye, Salmon, Wyngart, Jansen, Davis, Dingman, Westbrook, Lamberton, Baker, Prowse, Perlee, Parsons, Holmes, Sherwood, Marshall, and Melyn, among others.

~Gail B. Kae

P.S. Mistakes happen, so always make sure to do your own research before accepting any of my data! Also, I try to put each post into relevant categories, so if you are researching a particular surname, click on that name in the categories column (in the side bar) and you should get all relevant posts. I recommend reading them in chronological order since the information shared is ever-evolving, corrections are made, etc.

For a long time I gave open access to tabs containing family tree info for numerous lines. I’ve now marked them private since I don’t always have the time to keep them in sync with my Legacy database. So if anyone wants to compare tree info, please email me at the address shown above (paragraph 2). 

Why do I watermark most of the images on my blog? a) because sometimes they are not my images and I am being respectful of those who have kindly given me permission to use them, b) because, as the originator of an image, I believe I have the right to be contacted by anyone who has found that image useful/relevant for their research. When someone illegally takes an image off my blog, crops out the watermark, and uploads it without my permission to a site like Ancestry, they are denying others the ability to connect with me and me with them. I don’t think that’s right and I don’t think that’s fair (or respectful of my efforts to bring family history details to light that may benefit others.) It has nothing to do with me believing that somehow ancestors are exclusively mine–obviously that could not possibly be the case, especially the farther back in a family tree one goes!!! 🙂  

© 2011-2019 Chips Off the Old Block.
All rights reserved. Any reproduction or use of any of these materials, including all content and photographs, without written permission of the author and blog owner is expressly prohibited. (This includes copying material and uploading it to Ancestry dot com.)


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